Dolmeb's history

Dolmeb Ltd. was established in 2002, however the beginnings of our company date back to 1945. 

It was then that the State had set up a National United Wooden Company in Świdnica. At the beginning of its existence the company produced school desks, cots, desks, equipment for shop interiors and housing for the radio industry.


The company was developing and frequently changing its name. The most famous ones were Świdnica Furniture Factory (SFM) since 1952 and Downsilesian Furniture Factory (DFM) since 1975.

At the time of its greatest prosperity DFM consisted of manufacturing facilities in Świdnica, Bystrzyca Kłodzka, Lubawka, Świebodzice, Jawor, Wrocław, Dzierżoniów, Wałbrzych, Kłodzko and Srebrna Góra and employed a total of about 3500 people.



In the first half of the 1970's Dolmeb started a cooperation with the Swedish company IKEA, which had a significant impact on the company's future.

Year 1991 brought the division of the Downsilesian Furniture Factory. As a result, two facilities in Świdnica and Srebrna Góra established the PPUH "DOLMEB".

In 1994, the difficult financial situation made the company go into receivership, which lasted until 2002, when the company had been privatized.
Since then it has existed as Dolmeb Ltd.


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